Lazy Cat ISBN: 9781783706433
Woolf, Julia
Published by Templar Publishing, 2017
Doodle Dog and Lazy Cat live together, and while Doodle Dog tries to be a good friend, Lazy Cat is not just lazy, but also exceedingly selfish. He doesn't seem to understand that his selfish demands are putting lots of strain on the friendship, and when he finally goes too far, Doodle Dog leaves in a huff. To make amends, Lazy Cat tries to interest Doodle Dog in some new games, but they always seem to involve things that Lazy Cat likes. He fixes him a nice meal, but it's cat food; he tries scratching the sofa, but Doodle Dog isn't interested. When he suggests hide and seek, that sounds okay to Doodle Dog, but when he goes to hide, Lazy Cat looses interest and falls asleep. This gives the put-upon Dog the chance to order and eat a pizza all by himself! A nicely moral tale about the need for equality in friendship, and the comic-style pictures are good fun.
Age: 3+