The Darkest Dark ISBN: 9781509824083
Hadfield, Chris, Fillion, Kate and The Fan Brothers
Published by Macmillan Children's Books, 2016
In this true story about Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, we learn that as a boy he was afraid of the dark. But he also loved playing at being an astronaut. He and his dog Albert had all sorts of adventures involving space ships and aliens, but the trouble was that the 'aliens' became all too life-like when Chris went to bed. Night after night he climbed into his parents bed, and night after night they sent him back again. Being exhausted, they tried everything to help him sleep, but nothing worked. Finally, dad, in desperation, said they would not be able to go 'next door' tomorrow evening if Chris didn't stay in his bed. That did the trick, and next evening the family trooped next door to see the Apollo 11 moon landings on the only TV on the island in Ontario where they spent their summers. This was a turning point in Chris' life because he realised the depth of darkness in space and also that more than anything, he wanted to be a real astronaut. 'For the first time, Chris could see the power and mystery and velvety black beauty of the dark.' This is a stunning picture book full of all the mystery and beauty of the universe as well as the joys and problems of family life. There are also pages of photos of Chris Hadfield as an astronaut and some interesting facts about his life. Little proto-astronauts will be amazed and reassured about the dark.
Age: 5+