How are you feeling today? ISBN: 9781472906090
Potter, Molly and Jennings, Sarah
Published by Featherstone Education, 2014
In this book about 'emotional literacy' we learn all about feelings, how they affect us, and come great coping strategies to help us keep control of the things in our lives that we may not fully understand. Interestingly, the table of contents at the beginning of the book is made up of emotions, so if we want to find out about feeling '...happy', we turn to page 6, if '...sad', we turn to page 14. The emotions dealt with are: happy, angry, bored, worried, sad, excited, grumpy, scared, quiet, jealous, embarrassed, and shy. Each one has a double page spread with wonderfully drawn, brightly coloured pictures of children doing the things that are suggested to help along the feeling. For instance, in the section on '...anger', we find the suggestion that walking in the garden or park may help, or perhaps running fast on the spot. There are eight individual suggestions on each feeling, and they all seem supremely do-able as well as practical. There is also a rather lovely cat on each page, who explains just what the feeling feels like. As there are positive and negative emotions involved, children can learn how to enjoy the good moments even more and how to work on the bad ones. This is a really excellent book, both for children and (because of the end pages explaining what emotional literacy is and how to help your child achieve it) parents too. The illustrations are fun and full of real potential for helping kids who are less than emotionally confident. There is a 'feelings tracker' on the last page, which gives the child a chance to keep track of his or her feelings over a day and could be photocopied for use over a period of time. All in all a really sensible and beautifully produced book.
Age: 5+