I Know Someone with HIV/AIDS (Young Explorer: Understanding Health Issues) ISBN: 9781406220827
Raum, Elizabeth
Published by Raintree, 2011
One of a series of books for Key Stage 1 and 2, dealing with many different health issues. It is unusual to find a book aimed at younger children about HIV/AIDS, but this one has done a very good job of explaining in simple terms exactly what the two conditions mean. It begins with an explanation of T-cells and their importance in fighting diseases and goes on to explain how people can or cannot get the virus. There is no mention of sexual encounters being a problem, which is good for this age group, but it does say that if a friend is injured and bleeding, it is best to get adult help with the injury. There is a long list of ways in which one cannot get HIV or AIDS and a short list of false premises about HIV - both of which will help children understand the basics better. There is quite a lot about medication and the fact that people with HIV can become ill more easily and therefore it is good to stay away from friends if one has a cold or other illness. Washing hands is important (and there is a box explaining how to do so well), and it is also important to have a healthy diet, get exercise and plenty of sleep. There is emphasis on being a good friend to anyone with HIV and a list of ways to do so. There may be reasons why one's friend doesn't like to talk about the condition nor why he or she doesn't give invitations home, but 'A good friend understands'. Magic Johnson, the basketball player is pictured, and we are told about his learning he had HIV in 1991. He stays healthy with medicines and now talks to young people about prevention. A glossary, an index, and two websites are given, and these, along with the information in the book, will provide an excellent basis for project work. Large print and relevant photos add to an impressive product.
Age: 7+