The Student from Zombie Island: Conquering the Rumor Monster ISBN: 9781589850729
Moorehead, Michael J. and Parks, Kathy
Published by Little Five Star, 2007
Rumour monsters are very unpleasant beasties! They have big mouths for talking to much, and big ears for listening to gossip. They also have small pointed heads because they don't think about what they say. Rumour runs rampant in this class who have just been told that a new boy is joining, known as Bust 'em Up Bill. Suzy says he's from 'Zombie Island' and is '6 feet tall with scaly green skin, dragon-like claws, yellow fangs and a flaming red Mohawk'. Sammy says 'Bill has a laser gun he stole from the CIA. When the kids go down the slide, he uses them for target practice.' It goes on and on until the children in the class have scared themselves witless, and when Bill finally arrives, he turns out to be a normal little boy, who is actually very pleasant and great fun. The 'bust'em up' nickname has to do with the fact that he makes everyone laugh. As will have been apparent from the above quotes, this is an American story, with a number of American words, which can be easily explained, and with wonderfully wacky pictures in mixed media. The combination of wildly unlikely rumours and wildly unlikely pictures will prove a winner, as well as proving to children that telling stories about people they haven't met is not a good idea. The fact that it is written by a young boy, makes it even more remarkable. Available from Amazon, from good bookshops or direct from Gazelle, email (Tel: 01524 528500).
Age: 7+