There's a Bear on My Chair ISBN: 9780857633934
Collins, Ross
Published by Nosy Crow Ltd, 2015
What a selfish bear - a bear with attitude, and a mobile phone, as well as an Elvis fixation! There is a mouse in the story too, and it is the mouse's chair that the bear is sitting on, and he wants it back. Nothing works, however, and poor mouse tries everything. Finally, he gives up, and the self-satisfied bear is very pleased. But when he gets home to his igloo..... A light-hearted approach to selfishness makes this story wonderfully funny while also making a point. The rhymes are brilliant, with lots of words that rhyme with 'chair' and 'beat': share, spare, pair, glare, there, unaware, scare, underwear etc. I had no idea there were so many words rhyming with bear! The pictures are a treat too - lots of space on pages with contrast between the very big bear and the very small mouse. And the expressions are great fun too. Perfect for children who are just that tad too sure of their right to everything going!
Age: 4+