Woozy the Wizard: A Spell to Get Well ISBN: 9780571311095
Woollard, Elli and Murphy, Al
Published by Faber & Faber, 2014
What a wonderful wizard is Woozy! He may not be the most effective at making spells work, but he gets things right in the end. When all the inhabitants of Snottington Sneeze come down with something suspiciously like flu, they go to Woozy for help. Surely he can come up with a spell to make everything all right again: 'We've colds in our noses and poor frozen toeses, and spots on our bots that are redder than roses.' (I don't know about the 'spots on the bots', but kids will love the idea anyway.) Woozy tries everything, but nothing seems to work. He and his pet pig check all of his spell books, but there is nothing. The one thing he can do is knit socks for the 'poor frozen toeses', and this he does. Soon all the inhabitants are sporting new socks, but they still complain that he must do something. He and Pig fly off on their broomstick to consult Dripsy the Dragon who does, indeed have a spell to report. The only problem is that by the time they fly home, Woozy has forgotten what he is supposed to do! His spells only bring forth vegetables, with which he makes soup for his sick friends; then he tucks them up all warm in bed, which means they all get better. This, of course, makes Woozy a hero! 'Your magic's a muddle but none of us mind; we love you, dear wizard, because you are kind.' While this wonderfully magical story will not cure colds, flu, or 'spots on bots', it will truly cheer up the most miserable little cold sufferer, and the pictures, simple and bouncy, full of basic colour, add greatly to the fun.
Age: 3+