Bear Feels Ill
Wilson, Karma and Chapman, Jane
Published by Simon & Schuster, 2007
This series of books about Bear and his friends is a delight in every way. I have fond memories of reading the one about bear snoring with my grandchildren and their pleasure in both the story and being able to press the button on the board book that made a truly realistic snoring noise. This picture book is a more standard sort and has no buttons to push, but this time Bear is ill. He is really miserable with what is obviously a cold, and his friends rally round to help. In charming rhyming verse and equally charming pictures, we see Bear in his suffering state, tucked up in a quilt and being waited on by Mouse and Hare, Badger, Gopher and Mole. The birds come too, and broth and tea and herbs are prepared. When Bear finally is able to fall asleep, the other animals tiptoe around so as not to wake him. And when he does wake up, he feels much better, but, of course, the inevitable happens and 'Mouse starts to wheeze and Hare starts to sneeze... and the friends feel ill.' Now it is Bear's turn to be a good friend, and he tucks up the animals under the quilt and prepares to look after them. The illustrations are redolent of family feeling, with lovely warm colours, beautifully drawn animals, and the cosy ambiance of the cave. Children will love it, particularly when they develop 'sniffs and sneezes, whiffs and wheezes'!
Age: 3+