Alphonse, That is Not Ok to Do! ISBN: 9781406354317
Hirst, Daisy
Published by Walker Books Ltd, 2016
Natalie and Alphonse, two little monsters, play happily together most of the time, but occasionally there are high ructions, particularly when little brother Alphonse draws on something Natalie had made, or, even worse, eats it! One bad day when 'lunch was peas and telly was awful', Natalie discovers Alphonse under the bed eating her favourite book! This is uncalled for, and she shouts at him and then draws a picture with a very tiny Alphonse in the corner. He tries to make peace, but she isn't having it, and stalks off to her bath. While there, she hears the most tremendous noises, and fearful that something terrible has happened, she creeps from the bathroom - to find Alphonse in the midst of total chaos he has created while trying to get the sticky tape to repair her book. All is soon forgiven, and together they draw lots of pictures to put on the wall. This picture book has so much truth in it - the truth of how siblings get along most of the time and then suddenly don't. The illustrations are full of humour and a curious flatness that is both appealing and unusual. Lots of white around the pictures and lots of black print make the story very clear and also make the two main characters stand out. The whole production is superb, and children as well as their parents, will enjoy it.
Age: 5+