Everybody Feels... Happy ISBN: 9781784934248
Butterfield, Moira and Sterling, Holly
Published by QED Publishing, 2016
In this series of books about the emotions, this one tells us about feeling happy - what it is, how it feels ('fizzy' and 'full of sunshine') and explains situations that may make us happy. In Ethan's case, it is going on holiday that makes him very excited and happy. He and his family are off to the beach, and while there they eat lots of ice cream, collect shells, and learn how to use body boards. When they come home, he collects all his bits and pieces and makes a scrapbook so he can bring back the happy time. Sophie becomes especially happy when she does things for her friends. She makes bracelets for Chloe, cupcakes for Omar, and loans a special comic to Ethan. In return, her friends reciprocate, and the happiness comes back to Sophie. At the end of the book there is a summary of Ethan's and Sophie's stories, as well as a glossary of simple explanations of some of the words. There is also a page of information for teachers on how to use the book. The illustrations are bright and fun and expressive of the theme of the book.
Age: 4+