Understanding... There for You ISBN: 9781848350021
Aubrey, Annette and Barton, Patrice
Published by QED Publishing, 2008
Jonathan Harrison Spencer is having a very sad day. His parents have just told him that his dad is going to move away from the family home, and he is shocked and unhappy. Perhaps they could just say 'sorry' to each other and all would be well. What will he and his mum do without dad? And what will dad do without them? Perhaps it is all his fault. He is confused and angry: 'His tummy was knotted and achy, and his heart was empty and sad.' His parents cuddle him while he cries and explain that while he is sad now, he won't always feel that way, that they both love him very much and that they will both still be his parents, and he will always be their son. This picture book full of tenderness and warmly cuddly pictures will be of real assurance to children going through the trauma of a divorce, and the parents' approach to Jon's troubled reaction to their news shows just how such news should be handled - with both parents putting their child first. Rhyming text (which sometimes doesn't quite scan properly) will appeal to young children.
Age: 4+