Flora's Family (Understanding... series) ISBN: 9781848350038
Aubrey, Annette and Barton, Patrice
Published by QED Publishing, 2008
After a giggly, fun-filled bath with mum and dad, Flora looks in the mirror and realises that she doesn't look like her mum. Mum is fair and Flora has long black hair. Why, she asks, and mum knows it is time to explain that Flora is adopted. She and Dad tell Flora all about bringing her home soon after she was born and that she completed their family, along with her older brother and sister. There are other questions. What does adoption mean? Dad gently explains that her birth parents knew they couldn't look after her properly and they loved her and wanted the best for her so they made a hard decision, to give her to a family who would be able to 'cherish' her. The further and not unexpected question is 'Did I do something so bad that they didn't want me?' Dad is very definite about this. No, they loved you and wanted the best for you. Mum reassures her that she can ask all the questions she wants and they will always answer truthfully and fully 'a million times over', and Flora goes to bed feeling loved and protected: 'I'm the happiest girl that I know!' In rhyming text and soft, cosy, happy pictures, this makes an excellent introduction to the subject of adoption.
Age: 3+