The Jar of Happiness (Child's Play Library) ISBN: 9781846437281
Burrows, Ailsa
Published by Child's Play International, 2015
Meg is a naturally happy sort, and because she likes to invent things, she invents a jar full of happiness. Into it she puts lovely tastes (like chocolate) and smells (like the seaside) and 'all the best colours'. She takes the jar everywhere and is convinced that it is the reason that she can cheer up her friend Zoe, 'who was feeling a little glum', and her Gran who is poorly, and even Leon who is sometimes a tease. So when she loses the jar and can't find it anywhere, she feels bereft and sad. Then it is the turn of Zoe and Gran and Leon to show her how to be happy again and she learns that the happiness she was spreading has come from within herself. Sharp-eyed youngsters will spot that a lovely cat who appears on every page has managed to find the jar and is happily eating the contents. The pictures are lovely with lots of round shapes and soft colours. A super production.
Age: 4+