It's Not Fair! ( Tilly & Todd) ISBN: 9780750261975
Powell, Jillian and Chambers, Mark
Published by Wayland (Publishers) Ltd, 2010
In this simplest of stories, aimed at new readers, we find Tilly and Todd on holiday with their parents. They are staying in a caravan, and there are lots of interesting things to play and do, like riding bikes, going swimming, bowling, tennis, and crazy golf. But Tilly has a broken arm in a cast, so she is very cross because she can't do any of these things. 'It's not fair!' she says. The family try all sorts of suggestions, but it is only when Todd discovers the pedalos that she finds something she can do - using her feet! One has to hope that the family find something else that Tilly can do on the holiday, otherwise, they are in for a difficult time!
Age: 3+