Whatever Happened To My Sister? ISBN: 9781909263529
Ciraolo, Simona
Published by Flying Eye Books, 2015
It's really hard for little ones when an older sibling suddenly begins to turn into a teenager and becomes a different person. The little girl in this lovely picture book is convinced that her big sister is a changeling, that someone who looks just like her has come into the house and is grumpy, taller, secretive and interested in boys - and most importantly - no longer interested in her young sister. This makes the little girl very sad, and when one day her sister finds her crying, she takes her off to her room and they begin to share some interests that are new for both - music and dancing and clothes. Big sister realises that little sister is growing up too, and while they may no longer share the old ways of playing, they can share new pastimes. The illustrations are spot on, full of soft colours, mainly oranges and browny greys and occasional bright reds, and the differences between the little girl and her older sister are very clear. Teenagers can be very difficult to live with, but this one at any rate learns how important it is to be kind and loving to a younger sibling. Perhaps it is the older child who should be reading this book!
Age: 5+