Street Children ISBN: 9781847804341
Robinson, Anthony and Allan, June
Published by Frances Lincoln Children's Bks, 2014
This moving book showing us lives of street children in three places - Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Guatemala - is a moving account of harsh conditions, horrific circumstances, bravery and hope. We meet a number of different individuals, some of whom live on the streets all the time, some who work while street-living and who occasionally go home, and some with whole families who live on the streets. There are several charities mentioned who work with these children, particularly in Harare and Maputo and are doing their best to help, but the individual stories are both heart-rending and full of hope for the future. Photographs of the children are interspersed with paintings of them in their street situations, and their first-person accounts of their lives and how they came to be on the streets makes one ashamed of our western life-style. One of the boys, after recounting terrible trouble says, poignantly, 'I still have my freedom'. This is another book that belongs in every classroom.
Age: 7+