Princess Mirror-Belle and the Dragon Pox ISBN: 9781447240204
Donaldson, Julia and Monks, Lydia
Published by Macmillan Children's Books, 2015
Ellen is full of chicken pox spots! They itch, and even though mum says she mustn't scratch, she really wants to; a look in the mirror at her spots brings an admonishment from the mirror: 'Don't scratch! You might turn into a toad!' And out hops Princess Mirror-Belle. The princess has dragon pox rather than chicken pox, but the girls are absolutely identical, and the princess has a great imagination as well as a lot of self-assuredness. She runs a bath to help cure their poxy illnesses, and into it she pours bubble bath, toothpaste, shampoo, and dad's shaving cream. The two girls wallow in the bath together enjoying the fun and Mirror-Belle's stories, shown in the pictures on the opposite pages. Those pictures are huge fun, full of colour and sparkle (yes) and lots of pink beloved of little girls. The giggles and laughter and the outrageous behaviour of Mirror-Belle and Ellen stop only when mum comes in and sees the wet floor and all the mess. She is only a bit cross and is relieved to find that Ellen's chicken pox spots are beginning to fade. And Mirror-Belle, who has disappeared, has left something behind to prove to Ellen that she was really there. Chicken poxy girls will love this, although mum had better be careful that the bathroom doesn't get flooded and full of wet loo paper!
Age: 3+