Betty Goes Bananas ISBN: 9780192738158
Antony, Steve
Published by Oxford University Press, 2014
Betty, a little ape with a pink skirt and hair bow, finds a banana and wants to eat it, but she can't get it open. So she has a tantrum: she cries and sniffles and kicks and screams and beats her legs on the floor and then she calms down. A friendly toucan comes along and shows her how to peel it, but she had wanted to peel it herself. Another tantrum ensues! Mr Toucan says, 'There is no need for that, can peel the banana the next time you have one' Then the banana breaks. Oh, horrors! Cue for another tantrum. When Mr Toucan threatens to eat the banana himself, Betty soon demolishes it. Then she finds another banana.....and Mr Toucan flees in horror. This very funny and clever story shows clearly that there is no need for tantrums and that there is usually a solution to little ones' problems. There is also lots of repetition and fun pictures to enjoy.
Age: 2+