Tom's Sunflower (The Copper Tree Class)) ISBN: 9780957124547
Robinson, Hilary and Stanley, Mandy
Published by Strauss House Productions, 2015
Hana is not very happy. The children in Copper Tree Class and their teacher Mr Davis try to help because they know that Hana's parents have separated, and she is worried about the changes this will mean. She doesn't want to help make the theatre the children are making, but when they plant sunflower seeds, she joins in. Lunch is not an easy time, but in the afternoon Mr Davis tells the children a story that he has written. It is about a boy called Tom, whose parents have also split up, and Tom feels a bit 'wobbly' about this and wants things to stay as they have always been. He plants a sunflower, and as it and he grow, he learns that his parents are happier apart, that the separation was not his fault, and that he is able to make new friends in the different places where his parents live. After the story has finished, Hana is quiet, but when Mr Davis tells the class that he was the boy Tom, she learns that she will grow and find her 'place in the sun' just like the sunflower and just like Tom. The Copper Tree Class series are all about issues that affect children, and the colourful, messy, fun pictures are very evocative of school life. They also show children of all races, children with disabilities, and in this case, children from a travelling family. A sensitive story with a sensitive teacher at its centre.
Age: 5+