Girl Files: All About Puberty & Growing Up ISBN: 9780750270540
Bailey, Jacqui
Published by Wayland (Publishers) Ltd, 2012
Girls beginning to feel the stirrings of growing up will find this book fascinating and very readable. Written in a teen-friendly style and with brilliantly colourful design work, it will prove accessible and very helpful. Parents might well find it useful too in remembering what puberty was like and in helping them understand what their daughter is experiencing. Dare I say it, boys might also benefit from reading the book! Bailey goes into great detail over what to expect when puberty starts. She gives us reassurance along the way and helps us understand that while there are difficult bits, there are also good ones, and that all women go through the same process. She covers body changes such as: hormonal and how they work, growth spurts, zits, mood swings, periods (including good information about sanitary equipment and how to cope with embarrassing stains), breast growth (and bras and how to measure for them), friendships (including emotional highs and lows), and even changing feelings about boys and having crushes. There are myths debunked, such as 'if you fancy another girl you must be gay'. Bailey also gives a very good explanation of the female reproductive system and just what sexual intercourse is, and is good on PMT and period pain. Completely honest and clearly written, this book will help girls through the early stages of puberty and will also be a 'bible' to keep and read all through the process.
Age: 10+