Boy Files: Puberty, Growing Up and All That Stuff ISBN: 9780750277709
Hooper-Hodson, Alex
Published by Wayland (Publishers) Ltd, 2013
This book will help boys learn what it is like to grow up and have to face responsibility for their own bodies and their own actions. While it is aimed at boys beginning the journey to adulthood, parents will also find it useful in remembering their own puberty and in understanding what their son is going through now. Girls also will find it helpful to understand the differences that boys experience in growing up. The design work is excellent, with colour and shadow figures on each page, and these add much to the very detailed information about such things as: hormones, zits, hair growth, the need for cleanliness, growth spurts, voice change, controlling emotions, bullying (including cyber bullying), needing your own space, keeping safe, and in a wonderful word-play, 'the wandering willy' which talks about erections and wet dreams. The language is fun and teen friendly, and there is lots of good advice about how to get through the difficult times. The author, a journalist, has great experience in advising young people on their problems, and his common sense approach, which pulls-no-punches when necessary, will prove very useful if taken seriously. This book will be particularly helpful for boys just beginning the puberty process, but will also provide a useful continuing 'bible' throughout the time it takes to become an adult.
Age: 10+