I Didn't Do it!: A Book About Telling the Truth (Our Emotions & Behaviour) ISBN: 9781445116242
Graves, Sue and Guicciardini, Desideria
Published by Franklin Watts Ltd, 2013
Poppy tells fibs. Sometimes she does it at home, but it is at school that the real trouble begins. When she breaks a window, she claims that Joe has done it, and he gets in trouble; when she knocks over water and spoils Meg's drawing, she claims that Lucy has done it. When Lucy doesn't turn the water off in the cloakroom and the floor gets wet, the tables are turned, and Lucy claims it was Poppy who did it. Poppy is very cross but begins to see how it feels when fibs are told. Because she is sad that no one wants to play with her, she goes to the teacher and admits what she has done. Her understanding teacher explains that she should apologise and promise not to do it again. She becomes helpful to her classmates, and they are friends once more. Expressive faces and lots of bright primary colours make this easily understood, and Poppy learns her lesson. A storyboard story at the end of the book is a story without words, which children must 'read' by looking at the pictures. It is about Ellie, who isn't great about telling the truth either. The final two pages are notes for adults sharing the book with children and provide some good ideas.
Age: 5+