Nits and Headlice (How's Your Health?) ISBN: 9781445101682
Royston, Angela
Published by Franklin Watts Ltd, 2010
With large print and many photos and drawings, this book tells us everything we need to know about nits and head lice. I learned more in these 30 pages than I have ever known before, even after having had two children who went through the usual head lice stage. Interesting and very informative, the information is also easily absorbed and understood. I had not known that a female louse can live for 40 days and produce 240 eggs. No wonder there are so many itchy heads around! I also didn't know that both baby lice and their eggs are called nits. It's only the adults that are known as head lice. Nit combs are thoroughly explained, as well as the different ways of killing off the beasties. We are told that special shampoos can have strong chemicals that might not be good for the skin, and that olive oil can be effective. Different ways of catching lice are explained. I didn't know, for instance, that furry toy animals can harbour them for a few hours at least. This book is a mine of information, and will be excellent for schools. Parents should read it too!
Age: 5+