Mine! ISBN: 9781408331361
Keane, Jerome and De Dios, Susana
Published by Orchard Books, 2014
In this rather stunning picture book, we meet Fox (blue) and Horse (pink) who are bored, bored, bored. Set in a grey and yellow landscape with lots of lollipop trees, the two animals think that nothing ever happens. Until...a ball comes bouncing along. When they both claim the ball as their own, an argument ensues. Whose is it? Who saw it first? Meanwhile, a bird appears (possibly a duck), nicks the ball and flies off with it. Oh. When a kite comes along, the two animals have learned their lesson and decide to share it. Or have they? As they both have the kite in their mouths, the sharing process seems a bit uneven. However, the intention is good, and the illustrations are splendid. Children will enjoy watching the duck/bird stealing through the trees and taking the ball, as well as the wonderfully-painted eyes of the two protagonists.
Age: 3+