Ruby's So Rude (Dragon School) ISBN: 9780750279581
Heneghan, Judith and Hughes, Jack
Published by Wayland (Publishers) Ltd, 2013
One of a series of four books about dragon friends who have problems with their manners and behaviour, this one tells us about Ruby who is very rude to the other three when they go out for a picnic in the woods. She is pushy and snatchy and never apologises when she does something wrong, and, furthermore, she shoves ahead of the others and knocks Brandon into a stream. When a large snake grabs her 'big cheesy rock burger', she accuses him of being rude, and then realises that is precisely what she has been doing. She promises never to do it again, Brandon generously shares his lunch with her, and all is well amongst the four friends. This is fun, with the four brightly-coloured, jolly dragons frolicking through the sky, and enjoying themselves, and the point is clear. Jolly good!
Age: 5+