Jasmine's So Fussy (Dragon School) ISBN: 9780750279611
Heneghan, Judith and Hughes, Jack
Published by Wayland (Publishers) Ltd, 2013
When the little dragon friends plan a party, Jasmine comes up with all sorts of things she doesn't like. For instance, none of the balloons are purple, and Jasmine only likes purple. She doesn't want rock burgers or fire cakes or vegie bites - she only wants jelly, and it mustn't have fruit in it. She wants to dress up in a cape, but there isn't one in the dressing up box, so she refuses to try anything else. Her friends get fed up, and when the party starts, Jasmine is miserable and sits by herself. The others decide they must do something to help her try new things. Telling her to close her eyes, they put in front of her a piece of strawberry cake, which she claims not to like. When it smells nice and she tries a bit, she discovers she does like it after all. 'It's good to try new things,' says her friend Noah, and so it is! Wonderfully bright pictures of the four little dragons in their equally bright and jolly habitat make for a cheerful story that doesn't make too much of Jasmine's fussiness, but shows just how silly it is never to try anything new.
Age: 2+