Noah's So Noisy (Dragon School) ISBN: 9780750279604
Heneghan, Judith and Hughes, Jack
Published by Wayland (Publishers) Ltd, 2013
Perfect for little ones who find it difficult to stay still and are always showing off and being noisy. Noah, a green dragon, has lots of dragon friends, and they quite happily put up with his noise and bumptiousness, even when it makes playing hide and seek or 'sleeping dragons' rather difficult. But when one of the other dragons brings a new story along and everyone wants to hear it, Noah makes such a noisy, disruptive clamour that they make him go away. This makes Noah think because he really did want to hear the story, so he comes back to the circle very, very quietly, only to hear the end of the book. When the others see that he is capable of being quiet, they decide to read the story again so he can hear it. The nice thing about this book is that for all his noise and racket, Noah is quite lovable, and the other dragons are fond of him. The pictures are full of the brightest colours, some of them unusual, and the quirky dragons are great fun. A great story for nursery school as the noisy, over-active child can cause havoc at story time.
Age: 2+