Go Away, Baby! (Start Reading: Baby & Me) ISBN: 9780750259323
Llewellyn, Claire and Lovsin, Polona
Published by Wayland (Publishers) Ltd, 2010
While this series of four books is aimed at beginner readers, it will certainly be very applicable to families with a new baby. The baby in this case has become a toddler, and she irritates her older brother mightily by wanting to play with his toys. Every time he is happily enjoying his bricks or his toy farm or his cars, little sister comes along to spoil it all. Even when he and mum or dad are playing together, little sister has to get in on the act. Each time he says, 'Go away!' but at the end of the story, when mum comes to say that it's time for bed, he and his sister are rolling on the floor playing, and it is mum who is told to 'Go away!' While the story shows the irritation that a younger sibling causes, it also admits that there can be fun times together as well. The pictures are bright and cheerful, and the repetitive words are great for younger children as well as for those just beginning to read.
Age: 2+