The Nowhere Box ISBN: 9781406347685
Zuppardi, Sam
Published by Walker Books Ltd, 2013
Little brothers can be such pests! George certainly finds them so, and when his little and 'littler' brothers mess around with his toys and follow him everywhere (even to the loo), something must be done. The arrival of a new washing machine in the house provides George with the perfect solution - a box to take him to the land of Nowhere. After a few preliminary preparations to turn the box into a space craft, off he goes and finds himself in a wonderful place full of imaginative shapes and colours and things to do. At first he is 'amazed' and delighted with all he sees and he lets his imagination have full sway. But after awhile he discovers that while a castle is exciting, it is less so if there is no dragon to fight from it. And a pirate ship is only fun if there is an enemy pirate ship to confront. Of course, he knows just where he can get those who would be all too willing to play dragon or pirate enemy, and this means flying back to earth and his little brothers. When they see him and ask where he has been, the answer has to be 'Nowhere'. The illustrations in this picture book are outstanding. Muted colours and wonky lines, scribbles and expressive faces, are all fun and very much part of the story. Kids will love it!
Age: 5+