But Why Can't I? - A Book About Rules (Our Emotions & Behaviour) ISBN: 9781445129907
Graves, Sue and Guicciardini, Desideria
Published by Franklin Watts Ltd, 2014
When mum and dad go off and leave Jenny to look after George and Rosie, mum says they must obey the rules, go to bed at 7.oo and do what Jenny says. George announces that he thinks rules are silly, and when Jenny takes them to the park, he almost runs into the road because he doesn't listen to Jenny's telling him to 'stop, look and listen'. Then he refuses to follow the rules of a game they are playing, and Jenny puts the game away so no one can enjoy it. Of course, he refuses to go to bed at 7.00 and becomes tired and grumpy. At this point, Jenny explains about her own job in a shop and that she must keep to the rules as well, and that one day when she was late, she got into trouble. George sees that rules can be important, and he and Rosie go off to sleep happily. A simple story with comic-style pictures that add greatly to the text. There is a two page storyboard at the end, about a little girl who throws her drink can onto the path instead of into the bin, whereupon a boy on skates trips and falls. This is intended for discussion and provides a talking point about the need for rules in life. There is also a two page explanation for adults using the book with children. A cheerful story about why everyone needs rules in their lives. Great for little rule-haters everywhere!
Age: 5+