No Nits! (I Am Reading) ISBN: 9780753412893
Clarke, Jane and Lewis, Jan
Published by Kingfisher Books Ltd, 2006
This funny story for new readers will appeal even as children learn how to prevent head lice. In the kingdom of Hairia, all the people grow their hair very long, and they are proud of this. When they begin to develop nits, Princess Primrose is horrified and tells her father (a Kingly Elvis lookalike with a guitar) that he must do something. They try washing hair, which doesn't work. Then they try brushing hair with the one hairbrush that exists in the kingdom, but that doesn't work either. When the King announces they must cut their hair, they are horrified, but he sets the example, and they all do it except Princess Primrose, who loves her long hair and wants to keep it. The inevitable happens, and she develops head lice. Her 'Hairy Godmother' appears with lotions and shampoo and conditioner and a special comb, and the Princess finally agrees to have her hair cut. It's all tremendous fun, but the information is got across with a minimum of fuss and in terms kids will enjoy. Jolly pictures add to the fun.
Age: 6+