Understanding Feelings (Positive Steps) ISBN: 9781445103655
Martineau, Susan and James, Hel
Published by Franklin Watts, 2011
A number of different emotions are covered in this impressive production: worries, anger, jealousy, shyness, sadness, happiness, missing someone, hating certain things, feeling proud, etc. A combination of illustration and photography show us children exhibiting different emotions, some of them serious, like missing a parent after family break-up or the death of a pet, and others more lighthearted. Coping strategies are given as well as 'Let's talk about...' boxes for discussion. There is an interesting section on being a 'feelings detective', in which we learn to recognise and respond to how others are feeling; a game is connected to this section. A glossary and an index make this book particularly useful in schools.
Age: 8+