Snowflakes ISBN: 9781407135038
Burnell, Cerrie and Anderson, Laura Ellen
Published by Scholastic, 2013
This beautiful story is something of a fairytale, with an almost Germanic feel, and while it doesn't mention adoption specifically, this is what is happening. Mia, a mixed race child, is used to life in the city, so when she comes to live with her Grandma Mitzi 'in the heart of a whispering forest', she doesn't know what to make of her beautiful new room with toys, the new coat her Grandma has bought for her, or the dog Lucky or the hens in the garden. The village school looks strange too, and none of the children look like Mia. It is all so new and different, and Mia feels very different herself. It is when the snow comes and she knows that 'every snowflake is different, every snowflake is perfect', that she begins to see herself as perfect as well as different and knows she can cope. A new friend comes along, and together they help decorate a tree in the village and go sledging - 'the most wonderful time ever'. The illustrations are brillant, full of warmth and colour and village atmosphere, and the text is magical. Altogether, this is a very special book indeed.
Age: 4+