No! ISBN: 9781848956520
Corderoy, Tracey and Warnes, Tim
Published by Little Tiger Press, 2013
Brilliant for children who have reached the stage of learning that the word 'no' means a certain power over those around them. Archie is a lovely little rhinoceros - everyone says s0 - until he learns the word 'no', and suddenly everything is negative - food, bath, bedtime, putting his coat on, and (unfortunately) playing with his friends at nursery. He soon finds that being negative all the time has serious consequences, and when he misses out on cake and all the fun of playing trains and is left out in the rain when he refuses to go in, he learns that sometimes the word 'yes' is a good one. Papa rhino is understanding, and soon all is well. Archie throws some spectacular tantrums, which we clearly see in the illustrations, and this story will be super for what has come to be known as the 'terrible twos'. But the fact that Archie is lovable as well as difficult wins the day. The illustrations are outstanding, the facial expressions of the animals full of expression and sensitivity, and the colours soft and appealing. Beautifully done.
Age: 2+