War Dog (Edge: A Rivets Short Story) ISBN: 9781445123455
Ryan, Chris
Published by Franklin Watts Ltd, 2013
This very real story of a young man who loses his leg while fighting in Afghanistan, is moving and exciting and full of action in spite of being short and printed in large print. It will be ideal for those who find reading a chore, even those older than eleven. Jamie, who tells the story, must get round on crutches now because of his lost leg, and when a young boy in the park stares and laughs, he confronts him and tells his story. It is an amazing one of heat and dirt and fear, and of Sam and Charlie. Sam is a soldier, a bit of a loner, and his best pal is Charlie, a sniffer dog. Together they are expert at finding Improvised explosive devices (IEDs), and when the platoon comes under fire and one man is killed and Jamie is badly injured, by an IED, it is Sam and Charlie who save Jamie's life. When Sam is hit by a sniper's bullet, Charlie goes quite mad, and even after Sam's body is put onto transport and is carried away, Charlie mourns his master constantly. Jamie is not surprised when Charlie is found dead only a few days after. Jamie owes the two his life, and he refuses to feel sorry for himself, even though his life has changed drastically. He knows he is one of the lucky ones. It is unusual to find a story so movingly and truthfully written in only 54 pages, but so it is with this one. Boys, particularly, will find it un-put-downable.
Age: 11+