Youre a Rude Pig Bertie ISBN: 9781780080260
Boldt, Claudia
Published by Jonathan Cape, 2013
Bertie is a rude, vain and selfish pig, but he doesn't realise that he is the problem. He gratuitously insults the people he meets and makes them into instant enemies. It is only when he sees the beautiful rabbit, Ruby, that he learns to complement and be kind. This does not mean that his assorted enemies are willing to come to his party, though, and it is only when he realises what he has done that he writes apologies and makes everything all right again. There is a wonderful dream sequence when Bertie has an encounter with his own toothbrush who 'tells it like it is', and this is the catalyst for his change of manner. Bertie is a very pink pig, with over-large red nostrils, and his chums/enemies are similarly exageratedly drawn, with line-drawn backgrounds of fences, houses, cars, etc. Along the way we also have busy pictures of a market and of Bertie's final, successful party. The art work is original and unusual and goes well with the text, proving that people can change - particularly when they really want to. Love conquers all might be considered to be the main theme!
Age: 4+