itch, scritch, scratch ISBN: 9781781122983
Updale, Eleanor and Horne, Sarah
Published by Barrington Stoke, 2013
'I have a lot of little friends, who live upon my head. They jog and jive and jiggle when I am in my bed.' So begins this comic-style story about having head lice. I suppose it's good to be able to have a laugh about something as irritating as having lice, and this short little book is uproariously funny. The very funny pictures add lots to the information, and for what is basically a picture book, the information is considerable. We are told about how the lice multiply and what they look like and how the nits cling onto hair with a 'glue extruded from their tummies'. Mum has to admit defeat in the end after having tried all sorts of drastic ways of getting rid of the beasties, including vacuuming them, and the only good thing about having them is that the teacher sends the children home when the lice are discovered. This doesn't give us any solutions to the problem, but the light-hearted appriacg should help children feel better about themselves.
Age: 5+