The Great Big Book of Feelings ISBN: 9781847802811
Hoffman, Mary and Asquith, Ros
Published by Frances Lincoln Children's Books, 2013
This is - literally - a big book. A4 size, it includes wonderfully jolly drawings and lots of integrated text to show many different emotions and feelings. It begins with happy and sad and we see different children experiencing these feelings in different ways and for different reasons. We go on to see excited and bored, interested, angry, upset, silly, lonely, scared, safe, embarrassed, shy, confident, worried, jealous, and satisfied. Throughout there are pictures of children doing all sorts of lovely and not so lovely things, along with suggestions as to how to deal with being angry or upset or worried. Great for sharing in class because of its size, it also shows children with disabilities and those of different colour, A rather special introduction to talking about feelings.
Age: 4+