Anna Angrysaurus (Dinosaurs Have Feelings, Too) ISBN: 9780750271127
Moses, Brian
Published by Wayland (Publishers) Ltd, 2013
One in a brilliant series of books about different problem 'feelings', this one tells us about Anna, who is a very angry dinosaur indeed! Everything seems to upset her, and when Anna is upset, the earth moves! She doesn't like losing games, or not getting a present when her brother does, or not being able to watch her favourite TV programme. Sometimes she gets angry without knowing why, and on one such occasion, she runs straight at the family's front door and runs it through with her horn, which does neither the door nor Anna any good. She roars and howls too and throws real, roll- on-the-floor temper tantrums. She knows she shouldn't do these things, but 'when I get really angry, I can't stop myself.' Mum and dad explain that they understand, and sometimes they get angry themselves, but perhaps she could manage, as they do, to count to ten or take deep breaths before exploding. Perhaps she could teach herself to think of things she does well or that she enjoys. It is important too, to talk about why she feels so angry. Anna tries very hard, and dad is hopeful that now they will be able to get a new door. The pictures, in comic style, add a great deal to the story, and Anna's antics are funny at the same time as being appalling. There are two pages of notes for the adults working with the child and a list of further books to share. A light-hearted way of looking at the problem of excessive anger, but with real punch as well.
Age: 4+