Yucky Mucky Manners ISBN: 9781846169489
Lloyd, Sam
Published by Orchard Books, 2013
If this doesn't convince kids of the need for good manners, nothing will! Very, very funny with wonderful big bright pictures and lots of jokes, it will be read over and over - and not only for the sometime farty humour! We meet lots of jungle animals, and their manners leave much to be desired. The gorilla picks his nose, the zebra eats with his mouth open, the parrot never stops talking, the ape shows his pink 'botty', the crocodile lets out smelly burps, and so it goes on - and, yes, poo is involved as well. There is a nice little moral ending too: What truly awful manners, a really shocking show. Let's leave the creatures to it. It's time for us to go.' Great stuff, and guaranteed to please.
Age: 4+