Millie Shares ISBN: 9781405264082
Alexander, Claire
Published by Egmont Books Ltd, 2014
Millie loves her toy monkey very much, so much, in fact, that she won't let anyone else touch him, even best friend, Lily. At nursery, she puts him down when she sees and wants to play with all the other toys, but Lily purloins him quickly, and when Millie turns around, the monkey is nowhere to be seen. She finds him with Lily in the playhouse and yanks him back, which means that Lily goes off to play with others who will share. Millie, not satisfied with her monkey, takes the toys away from the other children and refuses to let them have them back. It is only when she sees how much fun the others are having together - and when Lily asks 'Share Monkey?' - that Millie begins to understand that perhaps sharing is a good idea after all. This simple story with simple pictures will appeal to quite young children, and the 'children' are all animals which, as usual in these circumstances, distances the problem just that bit. A jolly good picture book.
Age: 2+