Jon drinks alcohol ISBN: 9781842341063
Amos, Janine
Published by Cherrytree (Bodymatters series), 2002
One of a series aimed at young teenagers. The facts are laid out in short sentences and basic vocabulary, and each book has a storyline. Jon's story begins with his drinking because older lads have teased him into it. The older crowd become important to him, and he begins to lose contact with his own friends. After a serious hangover, Jon realises that his dad has always had a serious drink problem, and that he is heading the same way. We see Jon and his father facing up to their problems, which in the father's case means serious withdrawel symptoms. He must come to terms with the fact that some people cannot handle alcohol in the way the majority can. The series as a whole is marred by psychedelic, colour-enhanced photos that turn faces blue, green and splotchy, and by some rather messy over-printing of text. A pity, because the information and accompanying story are powerful. Included are a glossary and a list of helpful organizations.
Age: 11+