Can I Tell You About Stammering?: A Guide for Friends, Family and Professionals ISBN: 9781849054157
Cottrell, Sue and Khan, Sophie
Published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2013
Eleven year old Harry and his brother Peter, who is six years older, both stammer although Peter is further along in overcoming the problem. Harry, who tells the story, is honest about his finding it difficult at school to express himself, but when he is with his baby cousin, he doesn't stammer. Harry's mother believes that her boys stammering problems are due to genetics, and that it is because he is using a different part of his brain that Harry can sing without stammering. The emphasis in the book is on Harry's feelings and how other people can help him. His teacher is sensitive to his problem, and when he asks if he can read first in class so his tension doesn't build, she readily agrees. She also asks if there are other ways she can help. There are good days and bad days for Harry and sometimes he feels frustrated and lonely. His speech therapist helps, and being able to see that Peter is making good progress makes him feel that he will too. Peter is encouraging, as is their mum. 'I know I'll get on with my life, stammer or no stammer.' At the end of the book there is an excellent list of ways to help stammerers, all of which are just good sense. There is also a comprehensive list of websites and organisations in many different countries which will prove very useful. The book is available from good bookshops, from Amazon, and from the publisher:, Tel: 020 7833 2307.
Age: 9+