My Big Shouting Day ISBN: 9781780080062
Patterson, Rebecca
Published by Jonathan Cape, 2012
When Bella wakes up to find baby brother Bob in her room, licking her jewellery(!), her 'big shouting day' begins. If you take one look at Bella on the cover of the book, you will see her big round black mouth, and you will be under no illusion that this is going to be the biggest shouting day ever! Poor mum is tired and patient, and Bob looks on with interest and sometimes with glee while Bella cries and shouts, demands and complains, and lies on the pavement and the floor, refusing to cooperate in anything. This is a truly horrid day, and at the end of it, tucked up in bed with mum reading her a story, she finally manages to say: 'Today was a big shouting day, Mummy. Sorry.' and mum thinks that tomorrow will be more cheerful - which it is. The pictures are magical and funny without taking away from the sad fact of a child who has really lost it. Little monsters everywhere will enjoy and get a lot out of this story of a little girl whose behaviour is probably far worse than their own.
Age: 3+