It's Not Yours, it's Mine! ISBN: 9781846435959
Moores, Susanna
Published by Child's Play (International) Ltd, 2013
Blieka is rather a selfish little bunny, but it's very understandable when one has been given a shiny, new, red ball. He or she (it could be either) takes it everywhere - even to the cinema - and when a friend asks to have a turn, he says, in great big emphatic letters: IT'S MINE! After time and lots of activity, something happens to the ball and it begins to get smaller and smaller. At this point Blieka discovers that it is good to have friends who can help patch and blow up the ball again. Perhaps it is time to learn to share. Difficult though it is, he finally manages, and lo and behold, all his friends come to share their toys too! What a miracle! The illustrations for this funny and pointed story are super, full of soft and curvy animals and with sponge-print style backgrounds. Blieka learns an important lesson, and so do we - painlessly!
Age: 2+