Maya Was Grumpy ISBN: 9781936261130
Pippin-Mathur, Courtney
Published by Flashlight Press, 2013
Well, she's grumpy, not angry, but they are similar emotions, and Maya is in a real strop! She's in a 'crispy, cranky, grumpy, grouchy mood', and she' having a bad hair day to boot! Maya has the sort of hair that goes everywhere, and when it's out of control, everyone suffers, except Gramma who understands very well Maya's mood. She doesn't want to do anything; she snarls at the cat, makes faces at birds, and grouches at her little brothers. Gramma recognises all the symptoms but is not in the slightest fazed: if Maya is grumpy then of course they can't hunt hippos or bathe baby elephants or tickle tarantulas, she says, but by the time she gets to sliding down the neck of a giraffe and swinging with monkeys, Maya has begun to giggle, and when you giggle, you can't be cross and grumpy any more. Gramma ties up Maya's remarkable hair and out they all go for a picnic in the park where there is a wonderful climbing frame with a hippo sand box, an elephant fountain, and (best of all) a slide in the shape of a giraffe. Brilliant stuff, and the pictures are bright and beautiful and wondrous to behold!
Age: 3+