Stand in My Shoes: Kids Learning About Empathy ISBN: 9781935326458
Sornson, Bob and Johannes, Shelley
Published by Love and Logic Press, 2013
The author of this book tells us in an 'afterwards' that ' empathy is the foundation for all emotional intelligence.' The story sets out to explain this in words that young children can understand. When Emily interrupts her older sister Alicia's studying for an exam, Alicia is cross and tells Emily she should have some 'empathy' for other people's needs. Emily wants to know what this new word means, and Alicia explains. This makes Emily think about how others might be feeling, and the next day she puts her thoughts into practice at home and at school. She begins to understand that 'People really like it when you recognise how they feel.' And not only that, but it makes her feel good about herself too. A picture book can be an important catalyst for understanding a difficult concept, and this book explains the term empathy clearly and concisely. The pictures are realistic - produced by pencil and digital paint. Available from Amazon, from good book shops and from the distributor: email (Tel: 01524 68765).
Age: 6+