Come Clean, Carlos! Tell the Truth (You Choose!) ISBN: 9780750266444
Eason, Sarah
Published by Wayland, 2011
Carlos is confused because sometimes it seems that life is easier if you tell a fib so as not to get into trouble. Being honest is hard; lying often seems the easier option. When Carlos breaks a flowerpot playing football in the garden, he has choices: should he hide the bits, should he fill the space with another plant, or should he own up to his dad? The answer seems obvious, but probably won't be to young children. Carlos learns that parents are usually happier when their children own up to accidents. Other dilemmas he faces are: whether to tell the teacher that his friend has been bullying another child, whether to lie to his friends that he has already been to Disneyland when they tell him they are going, whether to lie to his dad that all his friends are allowed to go on their scooters around the block by themselves, and whether to admit to the crayon marks on his bedroom wall or cover it with a poster. The choices in this story are intended for us as well as for Carlos, and we must learn too that we are far happier when the right choices are made. A glossary, an index and some suggestions on how to use the book help make it interesting.
Age: 6+