Wait Your Turn, Tilly (You Choose!) ISBN: 9780750277082
Regan, Lisa
Published by Wayland (Publishers) Ltd, 2013
Tilly is naturally impatient. She always wants things to happen NOW. She must learn that she has choices about how to act, and as she learns, we do too. When her brother is playing a computer game, Tilly wants to play too. Should she snatch the game away, jump on her brother so he can't play, or ask if she can have her turn in a few minutes? The answer is obvious to us, but possibly not to young children, giving lots of scope for discussion. Other dilemmas that Tilly faces are: how to get a go on the seesaw in the park, whether to grab a party bag before anyone else has a chance, whether to let her friend finish the song on the i player that she hates, and whether to interrupt her parents when they are talking. These rather philosophical questions can have different answers, and if children are choosing the wrong one, then there will be consequences. Tilly (and we) must learn to be patient and that we will be happier when we are. A glossary, an index and some information about using the book add to its usefulness.
Age: 6+