Hand It Over, Harry! Don't Steal (You Choose!) ISBN: 9780750266437
Eason, Sarah
Published by Wayland, 2011
Harry must face a number of dilemmas that have to do with being honest. He has choices given to him, some of which are not good ones, and he (and we) must decide the best thing to do. Firstly, his mum has a birthday coming up, and he hasn't money to buy her a gift. Should he steal some chocolate from the shop, or pick flowers from a private garden, or make her a special card? The answer is obvious to us, but may not be to young children. We are expected to choose as well as Harry, and this leaves much opportunity for discussion about the rights and wrongs of the situation. Other dilemmas Harry must face are: what to do when he wants to take his friend's toy home, what to do when he inadvertently takes sun glasses from a shop, what to do when he sees a man drop some money in the park, and what to do when he sees some money at his gran's house and wishes he had it? All of these problems involve choices, and Harry learns he is happier when he makes the right ones. In this series of books, children must face up to philosophical questions that can have several answers, and finding the right one is not always easy. A glossary, an index, and some information about using the book add to the usefulness of the book.
Age: 6+